Friday, August 1, 2014

Enell Ambassador...YIPPEE!!!!!

I have spoken about Enell Sport Bras on my blog before; actually, I have raved about them.  I am now an official ambassador for their brand, and I am thrilled!  My support for this company has been genuine and honest, as I stumbled upon them out of necessity and have continued to use them because they work!

I spent most of my life not really worrying about the fit of my sports bra.  I was a solid B cup, and if I leaned out, I tended toward an A cup.  It was very easy for me to grab any old small or extra small sports bra off of the rack and call it a day.  (or at least I say I wonder if I could have used more support than I realized back in the day...).

Then came Isla.... and breastfeeding...and #bewbs!!!

^^^ My new mom body underwent some..ahem...changes...

I quickly faced a big problem when I returned to running:  I couldn't find support for my breasts and they HURT when I ran.  I went to my local running store for help.  They were wonderfully helpful, and I left with the bra they recommended.  Yet, at my next race, I was dying in pain from my #bewbs bouncing around.  Their number 1 recommendation was no good.  

So, I did what most of us women do...I put on 2 bras for the next race and tried to smoosh them down.  It didn't work.  I consulted with friends in my quest to find a running bra.  Everyone gave me their recommendation, but nothing worked.  I couldn't even focus on running because my chest was in pain.  I was miserable when I ran.  

I finally did some online research, and found a recommendation for the Enell Bra in Runners World.  Why hadn't I run across this before? Why didn't our local running store carry them?  I ordered one online, and the rest is history.   I am still running in them, and only them, till this day.  I truly believe that they are the best support for women and their breasts.  

I have been recommending them for a year now to friends and on mommy forums.  I kept coming across other moms or well-endowed women that were not comfortable in their chest when running because they couldn't find a bra that worked.  ENELL, I said, time and time again.

Dumb luck?  Fate?  Good vibrations?  I received an opportunity to apply for their ambassador program, and I didn't hesitate.  After all, I was already promoting them on my blog and in person because I believed in their product.  I am absolutely thrilled to be working with a company that provides a product that helps others, and I hope that I am able to help some women find a good fit with Enell.

I would like to thank Enell for this opportunity, and I look forward to representing them in the year to come!  Time to run, run, run!  


Steve said...
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emily said...

Well, unlike Steve, this might actually help me! Maybe I could run, or heck, even walk with that bra!

Julie Franklin said...

congrats! enells are the best!

Carrie said...

So glad to meet you Damie!! I LOVE Enell's too and I'm glad to join you in the Ambassador program! I hope eventually I'll be at least half as accomplished an athlete as you are!!